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What happens when you organize your important life info and your devices?



I’m Kate, The Digital Wrangler.
I help individuals and families do the important work that nobody likes to talk about — getting their affairs in order. 
Should the inevitable or unexpected ever occur, Their Person and loved ones will be able to find and access all the important information they need with ease. 
I also help people organize their digital stuff and put them in control of their devices and online accounts so they have more time to live the life they want.
As a former tech exec, I teach what I learned throughout  my career and what I've passed on to family and friends.


As I approach 50, I see more and more family members, friends and colleagues struggle, lose sleep and become overwhelmed with settling estates of loved ones. 


I’ve had colleagues bawl their eyes out to me because they couldn’t access a deceased parent’s Facebook account or their spouse’s Apple account.


I’ve heard life-long friends tell me they worry a parent had a bank account they still don’t know about, years after their passing.


I’ve listened to people share that they had to pay monthly bills repeatedly because they didn’t have account numbers or the ability to shut down accounts.


This is why I’m so passionate about organizing estates. Whatever you’re worried about, I’ve heard and seen it before.

And because I'm a little bit of a goof-ball, I've become a "go to" for showing people how to better use their computers, tablets and phones so they aren't overwhelmed and can easily connect with their loves ones.


Want to know my full story about how I lean on my high-tech experience to help others?




ensuring Your Person knows what you have, where to find it + how to access it all when they need to


setting up Your Successor for success to ensure they can easily fulfill the wishes for your business

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can't keep track of all your passwords? transferring from one password manager to another?


helping you take back control of your devices and digital life!


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want a free copy of my ebook?

Learn 5 simple tips to begin organizing your important life details

it even includes links to step-by-step YouTube videos

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“I'd been working on organizing my estate after getting married. Kate helped me identify areas I had forgotten about and hadn't even considered. I feel confident my husband will be able to take care of things should something happen to me."

Julie, AZ

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