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Supporting Each Other


When Kate founded this business, it was important to her to create a business that gives back.


As her business has grown, so has her vision of giving back to her local community, the organizing industry and to personal causes she's passionate about.

As a proud member of Pledge 1%, Kate is thrilled to give back in various ways.

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Kate's parents and in-laws are in their 80s — and they need help with their devices and technology just like everyone else. One thing Kate knows is that this population is generally overlooked when it comes to technology.

So a couple of times a month, Kate visits independent communities in her local neighborhood and gives a 45-minute "Tech Talk" on various technology topics.

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Kate has served others her entire life — whether it was serving our nation, mentoring young professionals or volunteering.  


Today, Kate serves the organizing profession by contributing to the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals (NAPO).


She serves on the national Membership Committee and is Director of Communications & Technology for the Virtual Chapter.

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One of Kate's nephews has a incredibly rare genetic disorder. With fewer than 1,000 documented cases around the globe, she donates money to CureAHC which funds vital genetic research in pursuit of a treatment or cure for this dreadful disorder.


Kate can't wait for the day her 11-year-old nephew receives relief from this disorder.

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