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Hi! I’m Kate Hufnagel.


I’m on a mission to make it cool and hip to talk about the day our loved ones don’t want to come. Whether it be during family game night or when out for brunch with friends.


Technology is supposed to make our lives easier, right?


And it does.


We can pay bills from our phone, stream whatever show we want to watch when we want to watch it and transfer money in a matter of seconds.


Yet when it comes to the inevitable, technology has the potential to create a lot of challenges for Your Person, thanks to current laws and data privacy policies.


So I educate individuals and families on what makes up today’s estates and how laws and policies can make things more difficult. 


And I help people to get their affairs in order in preparation for the day loved ones don’t want to come. Having an organized estate can save Their Person hundreds of hours of frustration and save the estate thousands of dollars in legal fees.


I also help individuals organize their digital lives – whether it's guiding people on how to utilize their phone or tablet in the best way appropriate for their personality, helping people protect and safely manage countless passwords or advising people on good digital hygiene practices.


For 25 years, I guided and led teams who built big data and cutting-edge software solutions for the military, developed clandestine information technology solutions and designed early data analytics solutions to predict part failures for tractors.


Today, I apply all that high-tech know-how by helping people in a way that safeguards their privacy, utilizes the latest encryption technology and ultimately provides them peace of mind.


let's start with the boring details

Rutgers University

Penn State

After four grueling years, I earned a BS in Mechanical Engineering.  I was super organized even back then as I attended my fair share of sporting events at the RAC and made frequent visits to the Grease Trucks on College Ave, all while graduating with Highest Honors.

My two years at State College was pivotal in many respects. For one, I learned that I need to live in a place with more sunshine! I also earned a MS in Aerospace Engineering — yep, I'm a rocket scientist!


it is a little bit of a wild story

NASA Langley Research Center

A satellite company in Los Angeles

A green tractor company

Classified stuff in our nation's capital

Moved to Colorado!

I spent two summers in Hampton, VA, and had a total blast measuring the strength of new composite materials and conducting wind tunnel tests on new fighter jets (turns out My Dude worked on them years later in the Navy).

This was a cool job — I got to develop computer models of satellites and I tested them for structural integrity before launch. Back then, satellites were about the size of a school bus. You should ask me about the time I was strapped to a diving board and raised to hover over the top of one!

Oh yeah, the running joke was that I was going to make green utility vehicles fly! I had so much fun working there and was totally bummed when the factory was closed and 300 of us were laid off.

By this time 9/11 happened and I learned of 100+ people who perished that day. I began as a contractor supporting three different 3-letter agencies before switching hats and working for the Federal Government. I had the honor and pleasure of working side-by-side with wicked smart and incredibly loyal people. I traveled to some places I probably never would have, revolutionized the way business data was handled and worked on a variety of global, IT solutions while ensuring data and users were appropriately protected.

As much as I love our nation, I found myself burnt out around the time I was turning 40. So I sold my house and moved to Colorado. Turns out, it was the greatest life decision of my life (well, so far, anyway)!

I met My Dude, helped out some micro-small start-ups before returning to the world as a contractor (this time, helping the Air Force), became a stepmom (though I prefer "bonus mom") and began helping people with all things digital.

I finally decided to go all in and The Digital Wrangler was born! Everything about this company -- the name, the colors, the vibe -- is in homage to Colorado.


I'm an open book

Professional Memberships

Volunteer / Leadership Roles

Speaking Engagements


Project Management Institute (PMI), since 2006

National Association of Productivity & Organizing Professionals (NAPO), since 2021

Tri-Lakes Chamber of Commerce, since 2023

NAPO Colorado Chapter, 2022-2023

NAPO Virtual Chapter, since 2023

Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners, Digital Assets Special Interest Group, since 2023


Membership Committee, 2023-present

NAPO Virtual Chapter

Newsletter Editor, 2023-present

NAPO Colorado

Director of Business Partners, 2022-2023

Junior Achievement

Personal Finance instructor, 2021

Stetson Ridge Townhome Association

Vice President, 2018-2020

National Association of Personal Financial Advisors

Modern Day Estate Organizing: Why Technology is a Complexity Multiplier

October 2023

South Denver 2023 Annual Women's Conference

September 2023

NAPO Colorado Chapter

Organizing Your Important Life & Business Details in Today's High-Tech World

September 2023

South Denver Chamber of Commerce

Organizing Your Digital Life - Planning for the Future

May 2023

NAPO Greater Philadelphia Chapter

Organizing Our Affairs in Our Modern World

April 2023

Food Allergy & Celiac Convention

Adult-Onset Food Allergies, Now What?

Walt Disney World, 2014

Substitute high school math + science teacher

Exploring the outdoors

Creating homemade cards and scrapbooks



companies I love


Skin + home care

Given the various dietary restrictions + food preferences I manage within my own household, I’m a long-time member of Thrive Market and Butcher Box.

And, because I also focus on using safe, clean, effective products in my skincare and throughout my home, I’m also affiliated with EVER skincare (a Stella & Dot brand), ManiMe, and Branch Basics.

Interested in working with Kate? 

Let's talk! Set up a free discovery call for a time that works best for you — I'm confident we'll figure out how I can best help you.

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